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Columbia’s Premier Medical Group

Mission Statement

• We will provide high quality, timely and evidence-based treatment.

• We will provide a full spectrum of services within a single practice

• We will embrace the unique needs of each patient and ensure treatment with care, compassion and respect in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our Goals

• To be the practice of choice for all dermatologic, cosmetic and reconstructive · services.

• To be the office patients want to interact with by consistently meeting and exceeding their expectations as well as assisting them in all aspects of their medical care.

• To value our patients time and consistently see them in a timely manner.

• To leave our patients with a lasting positive impression.

• To promptly and thoroughly respond to patients questions.

• Foster the development of excellence in each other.

Our Values

• We work to serve our patients.

• Our patients deserve our best.

• Our office is a great place to work.

• Our office works with regard for one another.

Columbia Dermatology Office

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Florence Dermatology Office

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Columbia Plastic Surgery Office

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