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Scar Revision

Scar Revision

Whenever there is an incision or cut in the skin, there will be a scar.  Many variables affect the severity of scarring and include thickness and color of your skin, size and depth of the wound, location, direction of the scar as well as blood supply to the area.  Permanent scarring is oftentimes difficult to live with and can leave you feeling very self-conscious. 

Scars typically are a result from injuries, burns and accidents but can also come from acne and surgical procedures.   Scar revision refers to various techniques used to camouflage these scars.  


  • Improved appearance of scar
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Improves self esteem


Different types of scars respond to different treatments.  Some scars can be treated with steroid injections alone.  This process involves a series of injections and can take up to a year.  Other scars may require surgical removal of excess scar tissue with repositioning of the incision so it heals in a less noticeable pattern.  Steroid injections may also be used during surgery and post-surgery in intervals to help prevent the scar from reforming.

Laser ablative techniques work by resurfacing rough or elevated scars making them less prominent.


Due to the nature of scars, more than one procedure and/or technique may be required to provide maximum improvement.  Depending on your treatment plan, recovery times will vary.

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