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Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

If you are noticing significant signs of facial aging, then a facelift (Rhytidectomy) could give you a boost of confidence by rejuvenating your appearance.  As part of the aging process, as well as sun damage, smoking and heredity, our skin begins to sag as we lose elasticity, facial fat diminishes, wrinkles form and fold lines deepen between the nose and corners of the mouth.  Following a facelift, you will have a naturally refreshed appearance.


  • Targets many signs of aging with one surgery session
  • Tightens sagging skin
  • Eliminates double chin
  • Contours jaw line
  • Natural looking results


Facial anatomical structures and skin tautness as well as the overall esthetic goal of each patient will determine the best operative technique as there are numerous ways today to perform a facelift procedure.  Every facelift procedure is specific to each patient based on type and location of incision, depth of tissue layers involved and axis of elevation.


Recovery after a facelift will take approximately three weeks.  Most patients will have minimal pain but have a feeling of tightness and numbness for several weeks.  Bruising and swelling are expected and vary by patient.

Results are long lasting and can be maintained with a healthy lifestyle and proper skin care.  

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