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Otoplasty (Ear Reshaping)

Your ears create symmetry and balance for overall facial aesthetics.  Otoplasty (ear surgery) can correct deformities present at birth as well as those caused by injury or trauma.

  • Prominent or protruding ears
  • Macrotia (overly large ears)
  • Constricted ears
  • Cauliflower ear

Otoplasty is best performed on children after their ears are fully grown – around 5 or 6 years old.  Peer ridicule and psychological distress can be quite harmful.  Young children and adolescents can feel more confident and self-assured with otoplasty surgery.


  • Permanently improves the position of the ears
  • Provides facial balance and symmetry
  • Provides a greater sense of self-confidence
  • Provides greater satisfaction with one’s overall appearance


Patients that are at least 5 years old with ears that have reached full size.  This surgery can be considered before children start kindergarten or first grade.

Patients desiring better facial symmetry.


The actual procedure depends on the correction type needed.


There is mild discomfort and patients may have a slight disruption with sleep if they are accustomed to sleeping on their side.  A compression band is required to be worn for two weeks.  It is very important not to put any pressure on the ear area for one to two weeks following surgery.

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