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Ear Lobe Repair

Ear lobe Repair

There are several reasons why patients desire earlobe repair and/or reduction. 

  • An original ear-piercing hole may be ripped, stretched, lengthened or the lobe itself may be split.
  • Earlobes may have intentionally been stretched through a process called gauging and this look is no longer desired.
  • Stretched, sagging and thin earlobes due to the natural aging process.


  • Corrects stretched, split, or ripped earlobes
  • Diminishes sagging, thin earlobes due to age
  • Brings size of ear in proportion with face


Earlobe repair is done in our office.  You may feel light pressure but should not experience pain or discomfort during the procedure.  

An incision is made to freshen the wound edges and the closure is performed to strengthen the area from splitting again.  You will return in one week for suture removal.

For patients with gauged earlobes, ear reduction surgery will be performed. A small portion of the earlobe will be cut away and the lobe will be stitched together ensuring that shape and size are proportional to your face.


Pain is minimal with earlobe repair.   Aerobic activities, bending, lifting, and straining should be avoided for one week following the procedure. 

Three months following repair, when the incision is fully healed, the ear(s) may be pierced again if desired.  We offer this service in our office.

Scars from earlobe repair usually fade and are virtually invisible within the first year following the procedure.

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