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     During the Covid19 Pandemic, we are offering Telemedicine in order to deliver quality care while protecting our patients and staff. The process is simple. Below you’ll find information about how it works, including how to schedule an appointment and what you need to do and know before your visit. Please be sure to read about how to prepare for your virtual office visit.

How a Virtual Visit Works

     First, you need to make an appointment, either by calling one of our offices, or submitting a request for an appointment (the online form is below). Here are our phone numbers:

803-771-7506 (Columbia office)

843-407-2030 (Florence office)

Once you’ve scheduled a virtual visit, our physician will call you at the appointed time (or as close to that time as possible) and will video conference with you via your phone or laptop.  Any prescription(s) needed will be sent to your pharmacy electronically. Many insurance companies cover Telemedicine.

How to Prepare for Your Virtual Visit

  1. Be sure to have FaceTime or Google Duo available on your device. These can be downloaded from the App Store or Internet (just search for “FaceTime app” or “Google Duo app”).
  2. Inform your doctor’s office whether you will be using Google Duo or Facetime. Also make sure we know the phone number you will be using for your visit.
  3. Before your appointment time, find a place where your area of concern can be well-lit and you have privacy. Natural light is best. During the exam, make sure the light source illuminates the skin, and your camera can be focused on the area you want the doctor to see. (In other words, the light source should not be behind you.) At the time of your appointment, please be ready and in place to receive the call.
  4. Make sure your video camera and microphone are turned on. If you are using Google Duo, the app must be opened and active at the time of the appointment.

Insurance and Consent

Please read the following Telemedicine Consent:

The patient verified his or her identity by date of birth and verbally consented to have the evaluation and management of their condition though Telemedicine (via FaceTime or Google Duo). The patient was advised that although the virtual exam is not HIPPA compliant, HIPPA has been waived during the COVID-19 outbreak Health Crisis during a state of National Emergency. The patient understands that, in compliance with the new federal guidelines, his or her insurance carrier will be billed as an in-office visit.


Request Appointment

*This is a request form, not a guaranteed appointment. Upon receiving this completed form, we will contact you to confirm your actual appointment. If you need immediate assistance, please give us a call.