Botox and Dysport are neuromodulators approved for treatment of facial wrinkles.

Dysport is a new botulinum toxin preparation introduced to the US market in 2009. Like BOTOX®, it works to temporarily relax the muscles of expression, causing a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles lasting about 2 to 4 months. Studies to date have demonstrated that the effects of Dysport are noticeable in under a week, whereas Botox typically takes three to ten days.  Although the active ingredient in both are the same, Dysport has a different delivery method, which accounts for the slight time difference.

Dysport has a slightly lower price point (currently about 20% less) than Botox, however we would expect that difference to close as Dysport becomes more familiar, or recognized as a competitor to Botox.  Botox has a longer track record and the name is better known.  

Our physicians will help you decide which option is best for you.  Regardless, after your initial consultation, the treatment takes about 10 minutes and there is no downtime.  Results for both products typically last 2 to 4 months for the first treatment.  Many patients see an increase in the time period of effectiveness with sequential treatments.